Lady Golf Camp
Making Golf Fun and Simple
Welcome to Lady Golf Camp
Spend quality time with friends. 
Play in the grass.
Soak up some sun. 
Impress yourself. 
Master a challenging skill.
Smash a little ball.
Listen to a golf ball fall in the cup.
Meet new friends.
Experience  self-accomplishment.
Challenge our egos.
Feel true happiness.

Gather your girl friends and schedule a getaway! All of our locations offer beautiful surroundings and a ton of entertainment. Join us in  Colorado, California or Arizona.
What better way to master a skill than in a welcoming environment. Surround yourself with women who share the goal of playing better golf. Our coaches are talented instructors who make golf simple.
Bring your own friends or make new ones. Our camps are just as much about fun and socializing as they are about golf. You will create memories to share for a lifetime.
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What Does Golf Mean to You?
There are so many reasons to play. Golf is fun, social, and healthy. But experiencing growth and improvement is what keeps us coming back. Lady Golf Camp will help you reach your potential. You'll see this confidence effect all aspects of your life.